Jun 27, 2023

Kitting is a process in which individual items or components are gathered, packaged, and presented together as a single unit. It involves bundling related items into a convenient package for easy distribution or use. Companies can leverage kitting techniques both for their customers and employees in various ways. Here’s an explanation of how kitting can be used for each group:

Kitting for Customers


Product Bundling

Companies can create product bundles by combining complementary items or services together. For example, a technology company might offer a bundle that includes a laptop, a printer, and software packages at a discounted price. This enhances the customer experience by simplifying the purchase process and providing value for money.

Subscription Boxes

Many companies have embraced subscription box models, where customers receive a curated selection of products regularly. By carefully selecting and packaging items that align with the customer’s preferences or needs, companies can offer personalized experiences and surprise elements, fostering customer loyalty.

Assembly Instructions and Components

If a product requires assembly, companies can streamline the process by providing kits containing all the necessary components and detailed instructions. This reduces customer frustration and ensures a smoother setup or installation experience.

Kitting for Employees


Onboarding Kits

When onboarding new employees, companies can provide kits that include essential items such as company-branded merchandise, office supplies, technology devices, and orientation materials. These kits help create a sense of belonging, provide necessary tools, and communicate the company culture effectively.

Training Materials

For training programs, companies can distribute kits containing relevant materials like manuals, workbooks, reference guides, or even multimedia resources. These kits make it easier for employees to follow along during training sessions and serve as handy references later.

Employee Appreciation

Kitting can also be used to recognize and appreciate employees. Companies may assemble appreciation kits comprising items like personalized notes, small gifts, or vouchers as tokens of gratitude. Such gestures can boost morale, foster a positive work environment, and enhance employee engagement.

Overall, kitting allows companies to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and improve employee satisfaction by packaging relevant items together in a thoughtful and efficient manner. Spry is a brand optimization company that provides kitting services for all your customer and employee needs. Visit to learn more about the services provided.