What Makes Spry Tick

The efforts we pursue amplify what’s good in each other and in our clients. We choose to be a humble, hard-working team because of what our work makes possible, and because of what dedication to you means.

We believe the best thing a company can do for the world is continue to exist, shaping the lives of the individuals and families it touches, and we’re explicitly built to serve the sorts of businesses who invest in their people and communities.

Specifically, we’ve focused on pillars of communities who tend to build around a hub and spoke model of centralized decision-making and decentralized locations with similar needs and processes. We keep brands consistent, processes more efficient, and compliance within a network far simpler.

Our approach has worked for over 30 years (most of those years we were known as FF&S), and business has never been better. We’ve refined our offerings to deliver optimal value, but we’re convinced our differentiator isn’t what we do – it’s how we do it. Easy words, we know. And common. But call us, talk to some of our clients, and see if you don’t get a glimpse of something that’s the way it’s “supposed” to be, but somehow became all too uncommon.

We’re built to serve the needs of businesses who invest in their people and their communities.

“Spry has been an important extension of our marketing team helping us create, manage, and measure marketing campaigns and customer experiences.”

Marketing Manager

Indiana Community Bank

“Spry has become a valuable partner for TBK Bank. Their attention to detail, and ability to service our needs while keeping our brand guidelines in mind, has been refreshing. Their professional team is always available when we need them. They truly go above and beyond for their clients.”

Kevin Gibbs

Marketing & Communication - AVP

“The Spry team have been instrumental in the rebrand and relaunch of Humarian and our probiotic line, Probonix. They saw the big picture and guided us effectively through the details from concept to launch.”

Dr. Shawn Benzinger

CEO - Humarian

“Back in 2015 I was in introduced to Jeff and Trent for a project I was working on. Jeff knew exactly what I needed and introduced me to Amy and her team. From that point on Spry and FCN Bank have made a great partnership. Their professionalism, market experience, and creative minds have brought a new light to our Bank. They have exceeded our expectations and we look forward to our continuing partnership.”

Beth Siebert

Marketing - FCN Bank

“Servant HR has benefited in so many ways from our relationship with Spry through their ability to know who we are culturally and creatively help us market, brand and serve.  Their partnership has been truly integrated with us – from small print jobs, to event strategy and substantial marketing campaigns, Spry has been the perfect partner to help fill a void in our strategic thinking and let us be ourselves.”

Mike Yoder

CEO - Servant HR

“Spry has created a solution for us that maximizes efficiencies in the way we buy our products. The partnership they bring to the table allows us to know that we are getting the best value for our products, and we trust them to deliver for us every time.”

Jeff Himes

Lead Designer - EHOB

“I have worked with Spry while at two different financial institutions. This has included complete onboarding with each organization, as well as a company name change instigating all new materials and rollout. Spry is a highly-hands on business partner that enables my company to streamline its office supply ordering, marketing and business material warehousing and distribution, marketing services, and even corporate apparel. I’ve appreciated the flexibility, attention to detail and creativity that Spry has provided. With staff that continuously exceeds expectations, I know they are walking beside me to help my company succeed.”

Meegan Siegwarth

Vice President, Marketing & Member Experience

“Spry was the quarterback of our initiative. They worked with us to articulate our organization’s vision, led the strategy for our digital experience and brought together the right people at the right time to deliver the right solution.”

Tom Weisenbach

Executive Director - MSEF

Thanks for your commitment to customer service. It’s refreshing to deal with a company that actually cares.

Kate Dickey

AVP Human Resources - Holcomb Bank

The Spry team came in with focused energy and a genuine enthusiasm for holistically helping our business. Every Spry team member I’ve had the privilege of working with has played a meaningful role in adding value to our partnership. Through their collaboration and innovative solutions, we’ve streamlined processes and improved efficiencies.


Chief Marketing Officer

Why the fox?

Foxes are creative and agile. We like that because we’re like that. They’re also remarkably adaptable. And they’re diligent hunters who are optimistic without being either scavengers or the stuff of nightmares (well, unless you’re a field mouse). They go about their business, no howling, no barking — nothing flashy — and they’re hard not to love. Like we try to be.

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